Seeking local vendors for Second Act Saturdays

In partnership with PopUpsters, we present Second Act Saturdays, a PopUp community event at Second Act Marketplace & Events. Every Saturday from 12PM-5PM, get access to one of the world’s most famous neighborhoods, the Haight Ashbury. Take this opportunity to sell your products to people from around the world. Every weekend, thousands of tourists and locals flock to the streets of the Upper Haight and stop by Second Act.

PopUpsters offers both event booth rentals (11-5 every Saturday) and demo space rentals. Demos are for 30 minute time-slots every Saturday during the event.

For more information, please visit the Popupsters page.

Upcoming Events

Second Act hosts a variety of events including, but not limited to, film screenings, comedy shows, music performances, book readings and fundraisers. Check out what’s happening!

  • 15

    Cinema Preview Presents: 1-800-Jackets

    Sometimes thieves steal from the wrong people. An action/comedy/blockbuster styled fun time.


  • 21

    Monthly Experimental Music Showcase

    A monthly showcase of amazingly unforgettable visual and auditory performances