Second Act Marketplace and Events Expands with Lunch Options

Second Act Marketplace and Events Expands with Lunch Options

The Food Hall’s Newest Marketplace Partners Are Purveyors of
Handmade Crepes and Burmese-Californian Barbecue

(October 2014 – San Francisco, CA) Second Act Marketplace and Events, a market hall and event space located at the site of the beloved Red Vic Movie House, was recently converted into its new incarnation by its original owners, Betsy and Jack Rix. Second Act functions as a community space that includes retail storefronts for five local food & beverage businesses, and is delighted to announce Burma Bear and Crêpe La Vie as its newest marketplace partners. These two new partners join Raw organic juices, AйDa Piroshki, and Eatwell Farm’s Icebox soft serve, to provide the Haight neighborhood with gourmet food options under $10. Crêpe La Vie is currently open for business, and Burma Bear is slated to move in and begin service in November.

 “One of our goals is to create an urban food market for up and coming businesses. Burma Bear and Crêpe La Vie fit perfectly into our mission,” said owners Jack and Betsy Rix. “We are thrilled to welcome both vendors to Second Act. There is a variety of food now, and lunch options that will please anybody who wants an inexpensive and delicious meal.”

Started in 2013 as a passion project, Burma Bear serves California/Burmese-style barbecue. Owner Hubert Lim, who was born in Burma and raised in San Francisco, pairs his expertly grilled meats with flavors of Burma: incorporating cinnamon seasoning in BBQ ribs and complementing it with the warm spices of biryani rice; his fresh noodle salad brings out the tartness of garlic-lime prawns; and serves diners the flavors of his heritage with garlicky grilled chicken over a bed of yellow pea fried rice.  Burma Bear’s move to Second Act is a big step. “This is my first brick-and-mortar store,” said Lim. “We’ve been doing pop-ups and festivals such as the 20th Street Block Party and Eat Real Festival for about a year now.” Supporting Bay Area farms is an essential part of his business, and Lim sources all of his ingredients locally.

Emilie Le Pessot quit her marketing job and began Crêpe La Vie in 2013, finding joy in cooking for others. Born into a family of chefs, Le Pessot learned how to cook, bake, and make crêpes at an early age. Now trained as a crêpe master in Paris, she creates savory and sweet French crêpes made from scratch right before your eyes. Crêpe La Vie’s savory crêpes are made with organic buckwheat flour, and sweet crêpes are made in the traditional Brittany style with eggs, milk, sugar and unbleached pastry flour. Both are served with a variety of toppings made with organic, homemade products.

Le Pessot had been looking for a permanent space for a few months, and she’d had her sights on the Haight for a number of reasons: “The Haight is full of people, and there are a lot of independent stores and especially great food options. I’d like to become one of the great food options.”

 About Second Act:

Second Act Marketplace & Events located at 1727 Haight Street in San Francisco is a neighborhood public space. Jack and Betsy Rix operate this one-of-kind space. This hybrid location includes five retail businesses bringing a fresh vision of food and beverages, and a venue that showcase events, which is also available for rent. The marketplace partners are AйDa Piroshki, RAW, Eatwell Farm’s Icebox, Burma Bear and Crêpe La Vie. The Events Space at Second Act hosts a multitude of live events, films and multimedia productions, private parties, fundraisers and other community gatherings. Second Act is created by a few of the original founders of the Red Vic Movie House, which had a very special history and relationship to San Francisco. Incorporating that, the owners continue this tradition with a new and exciting business model. For more information on Second Act, visit their website:

For more information on Burma Bear, visit their website:

For more information on Crêpe La Vie, visit their website:


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