Stop by Second Act on a walking tour


Second Act is excited to be a part of the newest walking tour in the Haight. Avital Tours launched a 3-hour walking tour in our historic ‘hood. The theme is “Eat Your Drink” and includes many off-menu items like a dill lactart soda and “piggy” tacos with a bacon Mexican hot chocolate.  Guests also get an exclusive peek at the garden behind Second Act and Alembic where herbs are grown to use in experimental cocktails while noshing on pickled quail eggs and the Southern Exposure cocktail. In addition, Anda Piroshki gives demo of how a piroshki is made.
Sundays: 2:30 -5:30 p.m., $84, Begins in front of Victorian Row at the corner of Waller and Masonic.

Upcoming Events

Second Act hosts a variety of events including, but not limited to, film screenings, comedy shows, music performances, book readings and fundraisers. Check out what’s happening!

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    Cinema Preview Presents: 1-800-Jackets

    Sometimes thieves steal from the wrong people. An action/comedy/blockbuster styled fun time.


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    Monthly Experimental Music Showcase

    A monthly showcase of amazingly unforgettable visual and auditory performances